Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do you take the Lord's name in vain?

Y'all I have to be transparent here and admit that I am very guilty of this and the Lord has really been convicting me and revealing to me all the ways I take His name in vain.

First of all, I'm sure I'm not the only one who grew up thinking this simply meant not to use the Lord's name with the word da%$. Dern was OK. Dang was OK but da%$? Don't you dare!!!

I have come to realize that any time you use the name of God or Jesus in any way that isn't praising, worshipful or respectfully in reference to, you are taking the Lord's name in vain!!!

Here are the most common ways I have used the Lord's name in vain unintentionally and during a very dark time in my life, intentionally:

1. OMG or Oh My God. Y'all I wasn't talking to or about the Lord when I would say this!!! I was using it for drama!!! Dramatic use = in vain.

2. PTL, praise God, praise the Lord, or hallelujah when I'm not actually praising his holy name. More drama and sometimes even sarcasm 😞.

3. GD. Whether I've said it with the word da%$, dang or dern or even just the letters. I cringe now thinking of the times I have done this!!! Y'all I was saved at 8 years old but for a long stretch of time, I sure didn't live like it.

I am so thankful for our precious Heavenly Father's forgivness because this is not something I'm proud of. I am also thankful for His conviction.

Well y'all, this is me confessing my sin because I never want to be that blogger who acts like they have it all together. I'm going to be straight up and real with you all. I'm not that perfect Christian. I'm the one who knows she needs Jesus.

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime but I had to get this posted while my thought train was still on track.

Always remember that you are beautiful and Jesus thought of you on the cross.

Love always,


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jehovah Jireh - God Provides

As I was just enjoying a delicious lunch, it occurred to me that the Lord literally provided everything I had to enjoy. I had a salad with lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflowers seeds, a simple olive dressing and boiled potatoes with salt, pepper and a buttery spread made from vegetable oils. I wish I had of taken a picture of it but it was in the middle of devouring it in all of it's deliciousness that a thought popped in my mind that God provided me with that meal. Now I know that he provides me with every meal but it just seemed so personal today. I have had that same meal countless times and never really thought about but today I just had to stop and thank God for that provision because He had his hand in every detail of it.

  • He created the seeds that were planted.
  • He caused the seeds to grow into the food to be harvested.
  • He blessed people to harvest it all.
  • He provided me with the job to afford to buy it.
  • He has blessed me with the health and the mind to do the job he provided!!!

I could go on and on but I think you get the jist. He is our provider and our sustainer and He loves us. He provided me with a healthy meal that I thoroughly enjoyed and it just made me feel loved on. He just loves us so much!!! He really is interested in every little detail of our lives...even our salad dressing...and He wants to be involved if we will just let him. Take a pause and look at all the little ways our sweet Father provides for us everyday. A very "Wise" woman said recently that God wants to love on us and today...well I just felt loved on and wanted to share. I really hope that if you are reading this, you see God's blessings in the little things and stop and thank Him for them because he does loves us so!!!

Love Always,


Monday, April 11, 2016

For the love of Christmas

I am going to share a not-so-secret factoid with you: I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I love everything about Christmas. I love decorations. I love cookies and candy. I love the lights and the music and the colors and the trees. I love searching for everyone the perfect gift. I love the love that goes into to Christmas but most of all, I love the love that came to us. See, I choose to celebrate Christmas everyday because I love Jesus. Christmas is when our spotless sacrifice became flesh. Bless the Lord, He was born to die for you and for me. We couldn't have Easter without Christmas. I will be adding Christmas posts to my blog material because it is my favorite. If you love Christmas as much as I do, stay tuned.